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Fig. 1

From: Evaluation of an international faculty development program for developing countries in Asia: the Seoul Intensive Course for Medical Educators

Fig. 1

Evaluation of overall competency of the fellows for each module. Results of self-assessment by the fellows (a) and portfolio assessment by the evaluators (b) showed significant improvement in the post-module competency for all modules, compared to the pre-module competency (p < 0.001). The results of the self-assessed post-module competencies for each module, except for module 2, were significantly higher than that of the portfolio evaluations (p < 0.01), whereas the self-assessed pre-module competencies were higher only in module 1 (p = 0.019) and module 6 (p = 0.045). Error bars indicate standard deviations. Rating Scale: 1 (Novice/Knows what), 2 (Advanced beginner/Knows how), 3 (Competent/Shows how), 4 (Proficient/Does), and 5 (Expert/Mastery)

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