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Table 5 Guideline for focus group discussion (n = 9 items)

From: Evaluating differently tutored groups in problem-based learning in a German dental curriculum: a mixed methods study

Item no. Item
1 How would you describe the performance of the tutor in the group?
2 In what way has the tutor encouraged the teamwork within the group? How successful was he/she in your view?
3 Did you benefit from PBL with respect to your studies? If yes, in what way?
4 How do you rate the preparation effort for PBL compared to other learning techniques?
5 In which situations did you feel insufficiently well supported by your tutor during the PBL sessions?
6 Were there any differences of opinion among the group members? If yes, how did the tutor react in such situations?
7 How did you cope with the fact that PBL cases were moderated by students? What did you consider useful? What was poor?
8 In summary, what aspects of PBL did you consider favorable?
9 In what way could PBL be further improved in your opinion?