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Table 3 Learning objectives and exemplary citations

From: The surgical experience of current non-surgeons gained at medical school: a survey analysis with implications for teaching today’s students

  Learning objective Exemplary Citations
1 Practical skills: Suturing and working under sterile conditions
n = 25
• I can close a laceration
• At least I now have rudimentary skills on how to suture
• I know how to suture and tie a surgical knot which helps after putting in a Sheldon catheter.
• How to perform surgical hand scrubs
• How to move when scrubbed
• The rules of scrubbing
2 Professional Behavior:
n = 16
• Relevance of team functioning and team communication • The importance of good communication for a team
• Communication is crucial for the team
• I saw a good example of cooperation between different specialties.
• Sometimes it’s better not to speak one’s mind
• the OR is no place for democracy, the one who is in charge must decide
• Management of critical incidents • Being disciplined triggers professionalism
• I learned the relevance of keeping calm in critical situations
• Keeping calm is most important
• Altruism/Self-care • Keep going and put personal matters aside
•Making sure one eats and drinks enough
• Coping with fainting
• Work ethics • Importance of accuracy for patient safety
• Concentration is all important
• If a surgeon works sloppily, complications arise and the patient pays
3 Working conditions
n = 15
• There is an enormous amount of pressure on surgeons
• Standing for long hours without breaks
• It’s such hard work
• The work is physically exhausting
4 Highlights n = 12 • I remember individual procedures where a complication occurred
• I witnessed a very bloody procedure on a ruptured aneurysm.
• A traumatic penis rupture looked awful.
5 Working autonomously under supervision
n = 7
• I was allowed to do an orchidopexy, I will never forget the indication for this procedure.
• I did an implant removal and experienced how different tissues feel.
  1. [n] = the number of participants who recognized this as a learning objective