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Table 3 Software programs used for the creation of e-learning contents recording of lectures. The questions were: “What is/are the name/s of the LMS you are using at your medical school?”, “Which programs do you offer your teachers for the development and creation of e-learning contents?”, “Which programs are used alongside those you offer by your teachers on their own initiative (as far as you know of?)”, “If you record lectures—which tools do you use?”

From: Survey of e-learning implementation and faculty support strategies in a cluster of mid-European medical schools

Program type Product examples
Authoring systems Docendo, Mediabird, Mediasite, Articulate, Lectora
Wondershare (4x), Mediator Authoring Software
Case-based learning systems CAMPUS (4x), Casus (3x), Inmedea Simulator, Casetrain
Learning management systems Moodle (14x), Ilias (12x), OLAT (3x), Stud.IP (3x), Blackboard (2x), ALMA WEB (1x), Metacoon (1x), MedPol (1x), ILKUM (1x)
Microsoft Office Products Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
Apple Products iTunes U, Onyx Mac
Other products Adobe Collection (Acrobat, Photoshop, Premiere, E-Learning Suite, CreativeSuite) (2x), Raptivity, Zoomify Image Viewer, Primal Pictures, Mediscript Online, Camtasia Studio (11x), WebKit
Programs for the recording of lectures Camtasia Studio (10x), Lecturnity (3x), Adobe (Adobe Connect, Adobe Premiere) (3x), WOWZA Streaming Server, RUBcast, Vilea, LifeSize