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Fig. 2

From: Survey of e-learning implementation and faculty support strategies in a cluster of mid-European medical schools

Fig. 2

Relative distribution of e-learning offerings in various disciplines at medical schools. The numbers of the medical schools answering these items are shown in brackets. The main question asked was: “Which of the following disciplines at your medical school offer e-learning?” (Individual disciplines and their grouping into preclinical/clinical/ other disciplines were given). The graph shows also the relative implementation level of all disciplines in relation to where e-learning staff was present or not. There was a statistically significant higher implementation level of the general existence of e-learning offers in the individual disciplines when e-learning staff was present (40.0 +/−8.5 %) or not (26.2 +/−6.6 %) in the medical schools (p < 0.001, Mann–Whitney U test)

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