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Table 2 Acuity scoring grid to assess clinical features seen in video clips (as used by McFaul [9])

From: Is perception of quality more important than technical quality in patient video cases?

Score 0 1 2
Colour Normal Pale or Flushed or Mottled Cyanotic or Ashen
Response to social overture Chats or smiles OR “alerts” (< 2months) Single words or briefly smiles OR “alerts” briefly (< 2months) No smile. Face anxious OR dull and expressionless or no “alertness”
State variation If awake stays awake OR if asleep and stimulated wakes quickly Eyes close briefly and then awakens OR awakens after prolonged stimulation Falls asleep when examined OR will not rouse
Hydration Skin normal, eyes normal and mucous membranes moist Skin/eyes normal and mouth slightly dry Skin doughy or tented and dry mucous membranes and/or sunken eyes
Respiratory effort No distress Some distress eg recession Laboured with grunt or nasal flare OR marked recession OR absent resps