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Table 1 Measurement model evaluation

From: Effects of coaching supervision, mentoring supervision and abusive supervision on talent development among trainee doctors in public hospitals: moderating role of clinical learning environment

Constructs Items Standardized loading (λ) Cronbach’s alpha CR
CS C1 to C11 (Between 0.70 and 0.81) 0.94 0.95
MS PSY1 to PSY5 (Between 0.80 and 0.89) 0.93 0.97
CD7 to CD11 (Between 0.79 and 0.89)
RM13 to RM15 (Between 0.78 and 0.97)
AS AS1 to AS15 (Between 0.74 to 0.95) 0.98 0.98
CLE CL1 to CL6 (Between 0.78 and 0.89) 0.96 0.96
GLAR7, GLAR10 (Between 0.79 and 0.83)
OPP8, OPP9 (Between 0.88 and 0.92)
TDEV CLI1, CL2, CL4 (Between 0.72 and 0.86) 0.92 0.94
  COMC6, COMC7 (Between 0.79 and 0.86)   
  PER8, PER11, PER12, PER13 (Between 0.73 and 0.80)   
  1. CS coaching supervision, MS mentoring supervision, AS abusive supervision, CLE clinical learning environment, CL conditions for learning, GLAR general learning activities and resources, OPP opportunities to perform rotation-specific clinical skills and assessment, TDEV talent development, CL clinical competence, COMC communication competence, PER personal and professional competence; CR composite reliability