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Table 3 Resolving the tensions

From: Exploring resilience in rural GP registrars – implications for training

Theme Description Quote
Personal skills for balance Meaningfulness Yeah. So I suppose GP is the cradle to grave care. That’s what I like. I like the continuity of care and I like knowing the community, which is a general practice kind of thing. T7
Self reflection for capacity to be resilient ..allow resilience to be lived and then reflection on those experiences can allow resilience to be recognised. T8
Optimistic attitude The confidence to do it was important. I think one of those kinds of attributes would be just maybe self confidence and trust and belief that it will work. T2
Supervisor support and stretching Clinician supervisors take an active role in supporting and pushing registrars To teach resilience you put people in those positions where they have a lot of responsibility but you give them the support. … if you were there and you don’t know what to do then you can get a hold of somebody who does know what to do and who will come in. T3