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Table 1 Details of the 2-station OSCE in year 1 and 2

From: Preparation by mandatory E-modules improves learning of practical skills: a quasi-experimental comparison of skill examination results

Students take a 2-station OSCE for physical examination skills twice during the first 2 years of the medical curriculum, at the end of year 1 and 2a. In each examination two skills are tested, chosen from a pool of 18 skills for year 1 and 21 skills for year 2. The stations are assigned non-systematically. Students performance on each station is observed by a trained and experienced examiner, and assessed by using several sub-items scored on a 5-point scale. From these sub-items an average score was calculated.
5 point scale used during 2-station OSCE
1b Poor Error which is dangerous for a patient, e.g. feeling the carotid artery both sides at the same time.
2 Insufficient Bad execution of the sub-item or sub-item is not shown
3 Moderate Showed the sub-item, but with remarks on execution
4 Sufficient Only small remarks on execution
5 Good No remarks, perfect execution
  1. aAt the end of year 2 the basic medical skills are tested in a 1- station OSCE
  2. bOnly given in exceptional situations. During this study it did not occur