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Table 1 The guide interview schedule

From: A model of professional self-identity formation in student doctors and dentists: a mixed method study

1. How do you feel your professional self-identity has changed over the past year?
2. Have there been any features of the course that have affected this change?
3. What experiences outside the course have had the greatest effect on this change?
4. Overall, do you think your training so far as a student has been successful in helping you to be able to professionally self-identify?
5. Overall, do you feel that by the end of the course, you will be fully prepared to start work as a doctor/dentist? If no, why?
6. Specific changes:
Last year you rated yourself [insert value] out of 6 for the question [insert question], compared to this year where you rated yourself [insert value] out of 6 for the same question.
Can you suggest any explanation for this rise/fall in self-rating?
[Continue as appropriate]