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Table 1 Pediatric department adverse events by PSN* reports

From: The transition to competency-based pediatric training in the United Arab Emirates

  2010 2011 2012 2013  
Admissions 2999 3883 4057 4839  
Total PSN reports* 152 170 189 277 p = 0.02
Harm score E & F** 33 29 12 0 p < 0.0001
Percentage*** 22% 17% 6% 0%  
  1. *Adverse events reported in hospital’s Patient Safety Network for inpatient Pediatrics and verified by Quality Department. Statistics are calculated independently of residency leadership involvement. Data may be limited by reporting bias whereby hospital employees report less serious events, but are reluctant to report more serious adverse events.
  2. **E-The individual experienced temporary harm and required treatment or intervention; F- The individual experienced temporary harm and required initial or prolonged hospitalization. There were no reported events with more serious harm scores during this time period.
  3. ***Percentage is calculated by # events with harm score E or above/total # adverse events.