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Table 5 Themes 2 and 3 pressures of job and isolation

From: The influences of background on beginning medical students’ perceptions of rural medical practice

Urban background “There’s a whole lot of hard work with little acknowledgement. A rural doctor is understaffed, under resourced and constantly fighting a battle that never seems to end.”
“A rural doctor may be placed on-call more often than a city doctor, or even permanently. This can make it hard to separate work and life for rural doctors.”
“You are one of the very few doctors within a certain area and may be required to be extensively ‘on call’.”
“At times you could feel disconnected from the world. Distance from family and technology often hinders and fogs the decision making.”
Rural background “Rural GPs may also find, particularly in small communities, that there may be a sole practitioner or have limited colleagues …can lead to a sense of professional isolation whereby rural GPs can’t afford the luxury of a direct second opinion.”
“Rural doctor may be it driving seven hours to run a clinic or being the only doctor in the town hospital....there may be times when isolation can be overwhelming effecting their mental health.”
“If the doctor makes a wrong decision regarding the treatment of a patient, he would be defamed quite quickly in the community.”