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Table 5 Quantitative perceptions of DHR between specialties (one hospital)

From: Quantitative and qualitative perceptions of the 2011 residency duty hour restrictions: a multicenter, multispecialty cross-sectional study

Question Means GS/IM t-test
General perception 31.0/51.9 p=0.0057*
Continuity of care 25/37.2 p=0.0206
Learning new procedures 39.3/38.3 p=0.7848
Practicing known procedures 42.2/46.5 p=0.2533
Learning new medical knowledge 41.2/46.5 p=0.2777
Ability to review medical knowledge 42.3/43.0 p=0.8864
Ability to teach 35.7/40.2 p=0.3582
  1. *statistically significant finding.