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Table 1 Example of the SAFRI two-year fellowship programme

From: The impact of a faculty development programme for health professions educators in sub-Saharan Africa: an archival study

Sessions Topics for discussion Time frame
Distance learning session 1 Research and evaluation: 10 weeks in Year 1
•Literature review and writing a research question
On-site session 1 •Welcome 7 days in Year 1
  •Team work
  •Understanding your leadership style
  •Project planning and design
  •Change management
  •Conflict management
  •21st century leadership
  •Sustaining change
Distance Learning session 2 Leadership: 10 weeks in Year 1
  •Leadership in Health Professions Education
  •Understanding and managing self
  •Understanding and managing others
  •Team building
Distance Learning session 3 Student Assessment: 10 weeks in Year 1
  •Blue printing
Off-site session Project implementation 6-9 months in Year 1
  Project write up
On-site session 2 •Welcome and re-entry 5 days in Year 2
  •Programme evaluation
  •Electronic portfolio development
  •Poster presentation of project
  •Scholarship of education
  •7-minute conference presentation
  •Curriculum design
  •How to set up an OSCE workshop
  •Feedback and portfolios
  •Interactive teaching
  •Work-based learning
  •Setting up a faculty development workshop
On-site session 3 •Welcome and re-entry 4 days in Year 2
  •Blueprinting workshop
  •Writing MCQs workshop
  •Article writing clinic
  •Attendance of the South African Association of Health Educationalists’ Conference