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Table 1 Main questions with respect to the use of Wikipedia, the handling of retrieved information and dealing with erroneous information

From: Wikipedia – challenges and new horizons in enhancing medical education

  Possible answers
How often do you use wikipedia as an information source in general?  
How often do you use Wikipedia as an information source in your medical studies?  
Given that you read a medical article on Wikipedia, do you draw any criteria to evaluate its quality? (Multiple answer possible)  
  I compare it to my knowledge
  Number of references
  Authors are well-known
  High number of revisions
  Date of latest revision
  I compare it to specific literature
  I discuss the content with my colleagues/teachers
  I do not draw any criteria
  I trust my gut feeling
Given that you find incorrect information, what do you do?  
  I correct the error
  I am not familiar how to correct articles
  I know how to correct articles but leave the entry unaltered
  I draw attention to the false information in any other way