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Table 1 Design of SP DRE training session

From: Digital rectal examination skills: first training experiences, the motives and attitudes of standardized patients

Time Training steps Content
Preparation Introduction Provision of written script for SPs
Day 1 Overview Presentation of goals and focal points of the training program
Theoretical overview of anatomy of the abdomen with focus on the rectum in frontal and lateral view
Development of the role to be played
  Peyton Step 1 Video of the examination of the abdomen and DRE
  Peyton Step 2 Explanation and performance of DRE by the trainer on the SP in a 1:1 setting
  Peyton Step 3 Recapitulation of examination techniques by SP: One SP performs DRE on a part-task trainer being guided by another SP
  Discussion Emphasis on patient safety and discussion of DRE as a “taboo subject” for students
  Peyton Step 4 Run-through of the complete training scenario. Role-play with SP as doctor
- history-taking
- patient education about the examination
- performance of the DRE on part-task trainer
- communication of examination results
Feedback given by trainer
Day 2 Dress rehearsal Performance of the learned examination under supervision of doctor
  First training session Field-testing in training session for final year students