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Table 1 Phlebotomy training assessment checklist.

From: Clinical training: a simulation program for phlebotomy

1. Preparation
Preparation of devices and equipment:
   • Preparation of appropriate needle, test tube and other equipment items.
Confirmation of patient's details:
   • Confirm patient details such as full name, date of birth and address.
2. Implementation
Infection control:
   • Hand-washing.
   • Use of hand gloves.
   • Placement of sheet under patient's arm.
Communication with patient:
   • Verbal communication during the procedure.
   • Observation of patient's facial expression, e.g., pain.
   • Appropriate attitude and provision of explanation, if procedure failed.
Foresee nerve injury:
   • Ask patient about pain and/or numbness.
   • Needle withdrawal.
Technical skill:
   • Use of strapping band and duration of avascularization (within 2 minutes).
   • Angle of needle insertion.
Arrest bleeding:
   • Confirmation at puncture site and appropriate arrest technique.
3. After blood is taken
Needle-stick accident prevention:
   • Appropriate handling of used devices such as no recap for needle.
Clear away:
   • Placing each used device in the appropriate location.
  1. Each item was scored as "performed appropriately", "not performed", or "performed but inappropriately" for each point.