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Table 4 General comments reflecting respondents perception of the contribution of residency-location to their level of preparedness for practice

From: The influence of the cultural climate of the training environment on physicians' self-perception of competence and preparedness for practice

Respondents Comments
DTH Curaçao "I learnt a lot from my supervisors, I was stimulated to study a lot and my knowledge was constantly prodded during rounds....." "I developed more competencies during my posting in the district teaching hospital, compared to my rotations in the university teaching hospital. I also learnt (more) professionally relevant skills in the district teaching hospital"
  "This was a good professional training experience that enabled me to develop extensive clinical skills for in- and out-patient care, adapt to a different culture, as well as, to the delivery of health care in a different context. It enabled me to enhance my problem solving abilities, my creativity and also learn how to cope with my frustrations and responsibilities"
  "What was important for me was the social context here (Curaçao) that you had to reckon with. The different culture enables you to understand that Dutch norms and values do not apply to everyone, and this should be borne in learn to work independently and manage your patients alone without the interference of sub-specialists"
DTH Netherlands "I found the rotation very valuable..... I was able to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice, as well as, integrate knowledge, skills and attitudes into a whole unit.... You learn how to become a doctor in the district hospital setting, you are able to identify and define your limitations, professional independence, self education, etc."
  "Although it was a long time ago, what I still recollect is that it was an extremely valuable training... during the period of the training, my sense of professional autonomy and accountability grew enormously"