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Table 1 Study design

From: Learning based on patient case reviews: an interview study

The CAP-study
467 family physicians in the county of Aarhus completed 2,212 questionnaires in which they performed a systematic review of all newly diagnosed patients with cancer encountered in their practices during a one year period (2004–2005)
The main themes of the CAP questionnaire:
A description of the symptoms presented by the patients
Dates when patients first presented their symptoms to the family physician
Dates and descriptions of further investigations and treatments initiated
Responsibility for possible diagnostic delay in the health care system
A description of the family physicians' prior knowledge of the patient (care-seeking behaviour, mental health, risk factors)
Study presented
In order to study the learning potentials of reviewing patient cases thirteen family physicians from the CAP-study were interviewed on their perceptions of the learning processes initiated by reviewing patient cases, and their evaluations of using patient case reviews as a learning method in family practice