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Table 3 Curricular content for the programme on rational prescribing as developed by teams of CME trainers.

From: Identifying outcome-based indicators and developing a curriculum for a continuing medical education programme on rational prescribing using a modified Delphi process

Topics for the rational prescribing curriculum  
1-Principles of prescription writing (1–16)* 5-Antibiotic therapy (19)
History of prescription writing Value of taking culture samples for infections
Classification of drugs Assessment of infectious organisms
Definition and format Importance of host factors in selection of
Elements of prescription writing antibiotics
Measurements Adherence to correct indications
Mistakes and errors in prescription writing Selection of antibacterial drug(s)
Abbreviations Important factors for choosing form, dose and
Poor prescriptions course of antibiotics
Rational prescriptions Importance of switching antibiotics based on
2-Adverse reactions to drugs culture and antibiogram results
Background Pharmacology of antibiotic groups:
Epidemiology Betalactamases
Etiology Tetracyclines
Exaggeration of an intended pharmacologic Aminoglycosides
action of the drugs Macrolides
Toxicity unrelated to a drug's primary Fluoroquinolones
pharmacological activity: Sulfonamides
- Cytotoxic Reactions 6- Anti-inflammatory agents therapy (21)
- Immunologic Mechanisms A) Corticosteroids
Diagnosis and treatment of adverse drug Indications
reactions Emphasis on reducing injections
3- Drug Interactions (17, 18) Adverse effects
Important mechanisms of drug interactions Important interactions
Common drug interactions in the practice of B) Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs
general physicians (NSAIDs)
4- Injections (20) Indications
Consideration of real needs for prescribing Adverse effects
injections Drug Interactions
Mechanism of injections Contraindications
Indications for injections  
Important factors in prescribing injections  
Prevalence of prescribing injections in the  
world and in Iran  
  1. * Numbers in parentheses refer to the related outcomes.