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Table 1 Effective academic leadership themes and subthemes

From: Requirements for effective academic leadership in Iran: A Nominal Group Technique exercise

Shared vision, goals, and strategies Development and recognition performance
   -Strategic and autonomic approaches    -Efficient recognition system
   -Considering globalization changes    -Job promotion
   -Considering stakeholder's needs, demands, and expectations    -Promote capability, skill, and talent
Teaching and research leadership Fair and efficient management
   -Being prominent and role model    -Appropriate authority
   -Continuous improvement    -Conflict management
   -Establish efficient evaluation    -Law-oriented management
     -Efficient Reward system
     -Efficient monitoring system
     -Transparency and clarity
Transformational leadership Mutual trust, respect, and commitment
   -Collaboration and teamwork    -Interpersonal skills
   -Networking    -Considering organizational culture
   -Participation and delegation    -Achieving harmony
   -Being diplomat    -Converging staff and organization needs
     -Leading ethics and values