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Table 1 Learning objectives of peer-guided technical skills training

From: Undergraduate technical skills training guided by student tutors – Analysis of tutors' attitudes, tutees' acceptance and learning progress in an innovative teaching model

Technical skill Theoretical background information (selection)
Blood pressure measurement WHO classification of arterial hypertension, 'white coat hypertension', multiple measurements needed for diagnosis of arterial hypertension
Correct skin cleaning and disinfection Phlegmons, thrombophlebitis, sepsis
Safe syringe disposal Accidental pinprick and statistics of Hepatitis C and HIV transmission, HIV post-exposition prophylaxis
Blood sampling Tricks for finding suitable veins, avoidance of haemolysis
Intravenous cannulisation List of drugs contraindicated for peripheral administration
Intramuscular injection (M. deltoideus) Guidelines for vaccine application
Intramuscular injection (M. gluteus)  
Intradermal skin test placement Typical clinical applications such as for example prick testing, tine-test in tuberculosis
Electrocardiogram registration Indications, problems due to incidental reversal of electrodes
  1. Learning objectives were gathered by consultants and 4th – 5th year medical students following a needs assessment.