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Table 1 Mean score for each statement on Research Self-Efficacy Scale in order of agreement

From: Evaluation of a learner-designed course for teaching health research skills in Ghana

As a result of the course I am able to.......
Mean score (out of 10)
Identify a clinical problem that is amenable to research 9.70
Produce a realistic budget for my research project 9.00
Formulate a clear research question or testable hypothesis to address a clinical problem 8.71
Write a balanced and comprehensive literature review 8.57
Put together a team to help me to conduct my research 8.50
Teach someone else how to design and implement a simple research project 8.50
Do an effective electronic database search of the literature 8.29
Effectively present my study and its implications 8.29
Choose a research design that will answer my research question or hypothesis 8.21
Design and implement the best data analysis strategy for my research study 7.50
Design and implement the best strategy for collecting my samples 7.42
Mean score (SD) 8.43 (0.63)