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Archived Comments for: Effect of a brief intervention on evidence-based medicine skills of pediatric residents

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  1. Efficacy of EBM teaching

    Annalisa Jourdan, Università degli Studi di Torino - Italy

    7 March 2007

    I read this article with much interest and I would like to bring to your attention a paper about assessing the efficacy of EBM teaching in a clinical setting - at the Pediatrics and Gynecology Departments of Turin University (Italy).

    Complete reference:

    Author: Gardois P. Grillo G. Lingua C. Jourdan A. Piga A. Fronteddu S.

    Institution: Dept of Pediatrics -- University of Turin.

    Title: Assessing the efficacy of EBM teaching in a clinical setting.

    Source: Hypothesis. 2005 Spring; 19(1): 1, 8-9.

    Abbreviated Source: HYPOTHESIS. 2005 Spring; 19(1): 1, 8-9.

    Journal Subset: Computer/Information Science Journals. Online/Print. USA Journals.

    Special Interest Category: Evidence-Based Practice.

    CINAHL Subject Headings :

    *Competency Assessment

    Descriptive Statistics

    *Health Personnel

    Information Retrieval / ed [Education]

    Medical Practice, Evidence-Based / ed [Education]

    *Medical Practice, Evidence-Based


    Research Methodology / ed [Education]


    Summated Rating Scaling

    Instrumentation: Fresno Test.

    ISSN: 1093-5665

    Publication Type: Journal Article, Research, Tables/Charts.

    Language: English.

    Competing interests

    None declared