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Archived Comments for: Comparison of knowledge scores of medical students in problem-based learning and traditional curriculum on public health topics

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  1. Rushing Medical EMS Educational Methods?

    Brother Chuck, Advanced Emergency Care Givers

    12 February 2005

    One of the things that should be studied closely is the quickly advanced EMS Paramedic education. Many within the National Certification agree that the standard time of education for an Advanced EMS individual is only 2 years to the level of paramedic. The Medical extent of this education is very indepth from Trauma,Pharmacology,BTLS,ACLS,OBGYN,RSI, and all other medical education with the exception of major surgery. There is an admitted rush by most state health officials to get as many thru this education as possible. The need is tremendous and doctors have grown to depend on the Paramedic to keep the patient alive and deliever the most infinitive care possible, always using the important medical assessements that the paramedic delievers to them on every patient that is cared for in an emergency setting. The time frame of the education that is now required for a paramedic is less than one year, provided the student is already national certified at the EMT-I level before entering the Advanced paramedic level of education.

    So in short there needs to be a longer period for more absorption of Advanced EMS Medical Care education for all students in this field.

    The people that work in this area of medical care are commited, but the rush to perform in a short period is the same basic medical education of an MD done in half the time with the expectations of passing a National Certification Test that fewer and fewer are passing.

    This is not a wise avenue for the future of solid education in this area, especially when doctors are depending on these faithful individuals so much. It has been proven since EMS Medicine came on the scene just 35 years ago with ambulances running now in all major cities, urban towns and the countrysides of America, that quality of life because of this form of Healthcare service has made dramatic advances in success. Times are changing, and with the advanced methods of care available that has to be taught let all those in medicine pass on the idea postively to the medical educational departments in their area...

    Give these Students more Time to learn and absorb.

    Competing interests

    Applying to all medical education in fields from Doctors, Nurses, EMS, and all medical techs.