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Table 2 A suggested checklist for writing case reports (based on advice in existing literature)

From: Instructions to authors for case reporting are limited: A review of a core journal list

• Should facilitate retrieval with electronic searching.
• Describe whether the case is unique. If not, does the case have an unusual diagnosis, prognosis, therapy or harm?
• Describe how the case contributes to scientific knowledge.
• Describe the instructive or teaching points that add value to this case.
Methods and Results
• Describe the history, examination and investigations adequately. Is the cause of the patient's illness clear-cut? What are other plausible explanations?
• Describe the treatments adequately. Have all available therapeutic options been considered? Are outcomes related to treatments?
• Report a literature review of other similar cases. Describe how is this case different.
• Explain the rationale for reporting the case. What is unusual about the case? Does it challenge prevailing wisdom?
• In the future, could things be done differently in a similar case?