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Table 3 Descriptive statistics of post-course survey items focusing on learning experience and perceptions

From: A novel integration of online and flipped classroom instructional models in public health higher education

Survey item Agree/strongly agree (%) Disagree/strongly disagree (%) Neutral (%)
I was comfortable with self-directed learning through NextGenU. 100 0 0
The online learning materials contributed to my learning. 100 0 0
I completed the activities and learning materials before in-class sessions. 100 0 0
The quizzes encouraged completion of the online learning materials. 82 0 18
In-class learning activities complemented online self-directed learning. 100 0 0
The reflective responses contributed to my learning. 91 0 9
Interaction with my instructor and other classmates contributed to my learning. 100 0 0
The flipped classroom model (online learning plus in-person classroom interaction and problem-solving) was a different learning experience than other MPH courses. 100 0 0
The flipped classroom model enabled more interaction with my instructor and classmates than did other MPH courses. 82 0 18
In the future, I would rather take a ‘flipped’ course (blended online learning plus in-persons classroom interaction and problem-solving) than a traditional (lecture-based) course. 82 9 9
  1. NB: Students were asked to react to statements on a 5-point Likert scale where 1 = "Strongly disagree" and 5 = "Strongly agree." For reporting of these survey items, agreement (strongly agree and agree) and disagreement (strongly disagree and disagree) were combined.