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Table 2 Description of reported errors with patient outcomes and hospital types

From: Female residents experiencing medical errors in general internal medicine: a qualitative study

Errors’ description with patient outcomes and an example Number of errors
Missed diagnosis and/or inadequate surveillance, resulting in patient death 2
Example: Early signs of septic shock in a patient with cirrhosis were not identified
Missed diagnosis and delayed treatment, resulting in possible long term consequences for the patient 1
Delayed treatment of an acute coronary syndrome
Missed diagnosis, resulting in patient readmission 1
Missed diagnosis of pulmonary embolism during emergency outpatient visit
Missed diagnosis and/or delayed treatment, without any long-term consequences 4
Diabetic ketoacidosis misdiagnosed as a hyperventilation crisis
Medication error, resulting in severe but completely reversible consequences 1
Error in prescription of opiates resulting in respiratory failure  
Hospital sites where the errors occurred Number of errors
Community hospitals in Switzerland 6
(including ER and ICU where residents in internal medicine rotate)
University hospitals in Switzerland 2
Other hospitals (outside of Switzerland) 1