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Table 4 Steps to address professionalism and enhancement of the learning environment

From: Formation of medical student professional identity: categorizing lapses of professionalism, and the learning environment

Office of Professionalism (led by a clinician)
  Coordination of efforts of the Faculty of Medicine and the teaching hospitals
A Faculty of Medicine Policy on Medical Professionalism:
  Core Professionalism values
  Principles and Procedures
Professionalism sessions for students during pre-clerkship and clerkship:
  Small group case based discussions
  Experiential activities (reflective exercises, e-Portfolio)
Student feedback on the professionalism of the teaching faculty, residents and others (nurses, allied health) – mandatory after each clinical rotation:
  Concern/Incident form
  Formal evaluation of the learning environment
Consequences and staged interventions
  Process for remediation for students, faculty, residents and staff.
Faculty development workshops with an emphasis on the importance of role modeling
Awards celebrating Professionalism demonstrated/kudos letters