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Table 1 Survey results

From: The most requested factors in clinical skills exams for evaluating novice physicians: an internet-based survey of the general public in Japan

Factors which should be tested in medical licensure examinations Respondents
(n = 3,093)
n %
Explaining and discussing medical issues in an appropriate manner to patients [2] 2176 70.4
Accurately diagnosing problems by physical examinations [3] 1984 64.1
Carefully interviewing patients to make a diagnosis [3] 1663 53.8
Reporting patients’ important problems correctly to their attending physicians, and having useful discussions about patients with their attending physicians 904 29.2
Skills of basic ambulatory care 803 26.0
Basic medical technique skills (i.e., intravenous injection, taking blood samples) 722 23.3
Being courteous 487 15.7
Recording medical documents accurately 320 10.3
Others 67 2.2
  1. Otaki J et al. [3].
  2. The table shows the factors respondents indicated as being necessary for the medical licensure examinations, followed by the numbers and percentage of respondents.