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Table 5 Southern Europe – state of GP/FM curriculum in medical schools

From: Undergraduate medical education in general practice/family medicine throughout Europe – a descriptive study

Country (n = 15) GP curriculum Clinical component
Medical school (n = 107) Yes/No Weeks n Which year?
  Univ of Tirana1 No   
  Med fak Banja Luka Yes 3 5th
  Med fak Tuzla Yes No information  
  Rijeka Yes 2 6th
  Zagreb Yes 2 6th
  Osijek Yes 2 6th
  Split Yes 2 6th
  Univ of Nicosia1 (only first two years of med school) No   
  Athens1 No 4 6th
  Aristotle Univ of Thessaloniki Yes   1st
  Patras1 No 4 6th
  Heraklion, Crete Yes 2  
  Ioannina Yes   
  Alexandroupoli1 No   
  Larissa1 No   
  Univ of L’Aquila Yes 1 1st, 6th
  Fac La Sapienza Yes 4 6th
  Fac di Med et Psicol Roma2 Yes 30 h 5th
  Campus Biomedico Roma Yes 1 5th
  Univ of Udine Yes 2 6th
  Univ of Trieste1 No   
  Central Milan Yes 1 5th
  S.Paolo Milan Yes 1 5th
  Vialba Milan Yes 1 5th
  S.Donato Milan Yes 1 5th
  Univ of GeNoa Yes 2 6th
  Univ of Bari et Foggia Yes 2 6th
  Univ SS Cyril & Methodius Skopje Yes 1 6th
  State Univ Tetovo2 Yes 15 h 6th
  Univ Goce Delcev Stip2 Yes 15 h 6th
  Univ of Malta Yes 4 4th
  Podgorica Yes 1 4th, 5th
  Univ da Coimbra Yes 10 6th
  Univ da Lisboa Yes 10 1sr, 2nd, 6th
  Univ da Porto Yes 4 6th
  Univ da Beira Interior Yes 4 1sr, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th
  Univ da Minho Yes 16 5th, 6th
  Univ da Algarve Yes 16 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  Med Fak Nis Yes 1 5th
  Med Fak Belgrade Yes 3 6th
  Med Fak Kragujevac1 No   
  Med Fak Novi Sad1 No   
  Relocated Med Fak from Pristina1 No   
  Ljubljana Yes 7 6th
  Cadiz Yes 4  
  Cordoba2 Yes No  
  Granada2 Yes No 6th
  Sevilla Yes 3  
  Zaragoza Yes 4 6th
  Asturias2 Yes No  
  La Laguna Yes 6 5th, 6th
  Las Palmas Yes 8 6th
  Cantabria Yes ?  
  Salamanca Yes 3 6th
  Valladolid Yes 4 3rd, 6th
  Albacete Yes 6 6th
  UAB-Univ AutoNoma Barcelona Yes 11 1st
  Univ Barcelona Yes 4 5th
  Girona Yes 2 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th
  Lleida Yes 6 6th
  Rovira I Virgili Yes 2 6th
  Extremadura Yes 8  
  Santiago Yes 4 3rd
  Univ AutoNoma de Madrid Yes 4 6th
  Complutense de Madrid Yes 4 5th or 6th
  Europ Univ Madrid Yes No information  
  Alfonso Yes 2  
  Murcia Yes 4 6th
  Navarra Yes 4 6th
  Valencia Yes 1 3rd
  Catholic Univ Valencia Yes 4 3rd, 4th
  Miguel Hernandez, San Juan Yes 6  
  Pais Vasco Yes 2 6th
  Acibadem Istanbul Yes 13 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th
  Cukorova Adana Yes 3 6th
  Kocatepe Afyon1 No   
  Ondokuzmayis Samsun Yes 4 6th
  Osmangazi Eskisehir1 No   
  Selcuk Meram Konya1 No   
  Sutcu Imam Kahramanmaras Yes 4 6th
  Trakya Edirne Yes 2 4th
  Uludag Bursa Yes 1 6th
  Tayfur Ata SokmenHatay Yes 4 6th
  Bozok Yozgat1 No   
  Gulhane Askeri Tip Akademisi No   
  Ankara Univ Yes 1 5th
  INonu Malatya Yes 4 6th
  Marmara Yes 8 3rd,5th, 6th
  Pamukkale Denizli1 No   
  Mersin1 No   
  Dokuz Eylül Izmir1 No   
  Onsekiz Mart Canakkale Yes 8 (elective) 5th, 6th
  Yeditepe Istanbul Yes 6 6th
  Adnan Menderes Aydin Yes 5 5th, 6th
  Akdeniz Antalya Yes 5 3rd, 6th
  Baskent Ankara Yes 2 4th
  Izzet Baysal Abant1 No   
  Karadeniz Techn Univ Trabzon1 No   
  Celal Bayar Manisa1 No   
  Yildirim Beyazit Ankara Yes 4 6th
  Capa Istanbul1 No   
  Gazi Osman Pasa Tokat Yes 4 5th
  Ben –Gurion Univ Beer-Sheva Yes 6 6th
  Hebrew Univ Jerusalem Yes 2 6th
  Tel-Aviv Univ (6 y med school) Yes 4 6th
  Tel-Aviv Univ (4 y med school) Yes 3 4th
  Technion Haifa Yes 6 6th
  1. 1No GP/FM curriculum (n = 22).
  2. 2No or < 1 week clinical component (n = 6).