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Table 6 A selection of actions and improvements undertaken by trainees during the review process

From: Applying the trigger review method after a brief educational intervention: potential for teaching and improving safety in GP specialty training?

‘Potential nephrotoxic and cardiotoxic medication discontinued’
‘Drug dosage (warfarin) adjusted’
‘Referral letter to secondary care done’
‘Allergy, adverse drug reaction and clinical procedure codes entered or updated’
‘Case discussion with educational supervisor’
‘Medication reviews done / medication adjustments made’
‘Arranged a review appointment for a patient’
‘Updated notes with investigation results’
‘[Necessary] follow-up blood test arranged’
‘When I came to use it, I had to skill myself up in EMIS which was a good thing’
‘A pre-audit Tool to inform SEA and Audit topics [as] clinicians often stumped for topics’
‘Should use this approach with ST1s’
‘Good link with appraisal and revalidation’