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Table 2 Components of the basic training intervention

From: Applying the trigger review method after a brief educational intervention: potential for teaching and improving safety in GP specialty training?

n Component
1. A short Powerpoint presentation about the Trigger Review Method (TRM) and its role in the Safety Improvement in Primary Care (SIPC) Programme;
2. A patient safety quiz with feedback about the evidence base for error and safety in general practice;
3. A group work exercise on matching a range of risk and safety terms to the provided definitions to help increase participants’ shared understanding of key terms, including ‘patient safety incident’;
4. Hand-out and demonstration of a TRM educational support package consisting of: (i) step-by-step guidance; (ii) simulated patient records with ‘worked out’ solutions; (iii) the Trigger Review Summary Report (TRSR); and (iv) a description with practical examples of how patient safety incidents’ severity and preventability should be rated;
5. A practical exercise for individual participants to perform a ‘trigger review’ of a simulated patient record followed by discussions in small groups and then in an open forum;
6. Clarification of the study’s expectations of the GPSTs by informing them of the ‘high risk’ patient groups from which they were to select their sample of clinical records for trigger reviews and where to send their completed TRSR documentation.