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Table 1 The current expression of social accountability at the CHS #

From: Social accountability: a survey of perceptions and evidence of its expression at a Sub Saharan African university

Domain Expression
Mission Mission is explicitly oriented to social accountability **
Functional status change Change from Faculty of Medicine to College of Health sciences incorporating 4 schools (School of: Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Health sciences and Public Health) enhancing inter schools partnerships to enhance a holistic approach to addressing health challenges.
Curriculum reforms In the past decade we strengthened community outreach activities by adopting the COBES† concept as part of curriculum implementation strategy. COBES enhances the local relevance of our education to community needs and quality of services delivered to the communities.
Impact of curriculum revision Increase in OPD attendance has been registered at over 40 rural Health Service delivery sites, over the past several years as well.
Increased motivation of workers.
Curriculum Review Currently a curriculum review is underway, it’s been preceded by a needs assessment exercise intended to integrate and align the Ministry of Health agenda with college’s strategic plan and subsequent curriculum activities.
Accreditation We undertook to develop standards of Medical Education, building on WFME* work. Standards positively reflect social accountability intent and practice.
Professionalism A longitudinal study was started a year ago, to better understand how to inculcate professionalism better in trainees as a positive way of enhancing social accountability. Lack of professionalism under mines access to health care.
Community concerns Research, and outreach services to the neighbor ring slums was contacted over a 3 year period, included mass deworming and immunization along with health talks about sanitation among other activities.
Partnerships A Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) grant has been secured for a national wide effort to address Quality of Education Training and Community Research and Service.
  1. CHS- College of Health Sciences, Makerere University.
  2. † COBES – Community Based Education and Service.
  3. * WFME – World Federation of Medical Education.
  4. ** Old mission - “we are dedicated to improving the health of the people of Uganda and beyond and promoting health equity by providing quality education, research and health services. We achieve this by enhancing capacity and participation of stakeholders; strengthening systems and partnerships; and harnessing the power of new sciences and technology so as to build and sustain excellence and relevance.”
  5. # Information drawn from annual reports from the Head of the Institution’s office.