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Table 1 Outcomes Measured during the study

From: Virtual patients design and its effect on clinical reasoning and student experience: a protocol for a randomised factorial multi-centre study

Institution Outcomes for individual cases Timing
All institions (WMS, KMS, UBMS)
Primary Outcome Measures collected for each VP   
Validated clinical reasoning assessments. Key Feature Problems score (x/8) Student completes during the case
  Clinical Decision (x/4)  
  Bayesian Statistical Question (x/1)  
  Working diagnosis (x/2)  
  (Total score x/15)  
Self reported evaluation (EVIP) EViP Questionnaire (multiple domains) After each case
  Case Preference: reasoning (n from 4) learning (n from 4) On completion of all cases
  Preference of case (learning)  
  Preference of case (realism)  
Secondary Outcome measures   
Other metrics collected in electronic environment Time spent per case (seconds) During the case, recorded automatically
  Time spent per node (seconds)  
  Number of nodes visited  
  Case completion percentage.  
  Time spent per question (seconds)  
WMS Only   
Validated self reported reasoning assessment (DTI) Baseline and Mean improvement Immediately Pre-and post- intervention
Summative assessment Written and clinical 1 week post intervention
Formative assessment Written and clinical End of the year