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Table 4 Opinion questionnaire after clinical sessions: Second Life as an teaching environment and comparison with other face-to-face and distance methods

From: Experience with using second life for medical education in a family and community medicine education unit

Question Answer % (n/N)
Does it matter to you to be represented by an avatar? “it doesn’t matter”, “we aren’t aware of it” 32.89% (25/76)
  “no”, “not in the least”, “it’s fun” 35.53% (27/76)
  no response 31.58% (24/76)
Did you think it was positive being able to see the speaker, setting and presentations? “yes”, “positive” 26.32% (20/76)
  “we only saw the screen” 47.36% (36/76)
  “we didn’t care”, “it didn’t matter” 26.32% (20/76)
In general, did you like this tool? “yes”, “it let us connect with other centres in the zone” 100% (76/76)
Do you consider it better than other distance learning methods? “yes”, “much better”, “by far” 65.79% (50/76)
  no response 32.21% (26/76)
Do you consider it better than other face-to-face learning methods? “yes, in some aspects”, “it's more comfortable” 38.16% (29/76)
  “it depends” 2.63% (2/76)
  “no” 57.89% (44/76)
  no response 1.32% (1/76)
  1. SL: Second Life.