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Table 1 Categories of EBP Learner Educational Assessments

From: Sicily statement on classification and development of evidence-based practice learning assessment tools

  Assessment Category Example of what is assessed
1 Reaction to the EBP educational experience Did the learners feel that the EBP educational experience provided benefit?
2 Attitudes about EBP Do the learners value EBP as an important part of their role in healthcare?
3 Self-efficacy for conducting EBP Do the learners have confidence in their ability to carry out the 5-step EBP process?
4 Knowledge about EBP principles Do the learners know which study design is most appropriate for a prognostic study of a common condition?
5 Skills for performing EBP Are the learners effective at conducting a PubMed search for systematic reviews?
6 Behaviour congruent with EBP as part of patient care Do the learners identify knowledge gaps and pursue best available evidence to address them?
7 Benefit to Patients associated with EBP Do the learners' EBP actions result in improved patient outcomes?
  1. Modified from Freeth et al.'s Model of Outcomes of Interprofessional Education[7]