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Table 2 Values and Principles underlying Global Health and Family Medicine Education

From: Developing a curriculum framework for global health in family medicine: emerging principles, competencies, and educational approaches

Social justice - fair and impartial access to the benefits of society including the right to health
Sustainability- living and working within the limits of available physical, natural and social resources in ways that allow living systems to thrive in perpetuity.
Reciprocity - multidirectional sharing and exchange of experience and knowledge among collaborating partners
Respect - for the history, context, values and cultures of communities with whom we engage
Honesty and openness - in planning and implementation of all collaborations
Humility - in recognizing our own values, biases, limitations and abilities
Responsiveness and accountability- to students and faculty and diverse communities with whom we are involved
Equity - promoting the just distribution of resources and access, especially with respect to marginalized and vulnerable groups
Solidarity - ensuring that objectives are aligned with those of the communities with which we are working