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Table 5 Open-ended Responses for Students Receiving Live Demonstration Instruction

From: Instructional multimedia: An investigation of student and instructor attitudes and student study behavior

Question Response (Response Frequency*)
What did you like best about the method of learning? "Instructor Feedback"/"Immediate feedback" (15)
"More contact time with instructor" (8)
"Real person demonstration" (7)
"Hands-on experience" (6)
"Three dimensional visuals" and "Easy to see" (5)
"It was visual" (4)
What did you like least about the method of learning? "Went through tests too fast" (6)
"Not enough time" (6)
"Wanted the CD for practice while studying (6)
"Nothing" (4)
"Not enough one-on-one time"/"Too many people in class" (4)
What are the strengths of this method of learning? "Fast feedback from the instructor" (12)
"Able to ask questions" (11)
"Knowledge of teacher" (5)
"Hands-on" (5)
"Good for visual learners" (5)
What are the weaknesses of this method of learning? "Limited practice time" (11)
"No video or pictures for review" (11)
"Can't go back to see again" (6)
"No complaints" (5)
Compared to other ways of learning, was this method of learning useful? Why or why not? Yes: 33
"Immediate instructor feedback" (6)
"Hands-on" (4)
No: 3
  1. Numbers in parenthesis represent the number of similar responses.
  2. *Note: Only responses reported more than 3 times were included in this table.