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Table 1 Australian Standards for Physiotherapy [9]

From: Teaching physiotherapy skills in culturally-diverse classes

Standard Elements
1 Demonstrate professional behaviour appropriate to physiotherapy 1.1 Demonstrate practice that is ethical and in accordance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements
   1.2 Demonstrates strategies to maintain and extend professional competence
   1.3 Operate within individual and professional strengths and limitations
2 Communicate effectively 2.1 Communicate effectively with the client
   2.2 Adapt communication style recognising cultural safety, and cultural and linguistic diversity
   2.3 Communicate effectively with other service providers
   2.4 Prepare and deliver presentations
   2.5 Prepare and provide documentation according to legal requirements and accepted policies and procedures
3 Assess, interpret and apply information to continuously improve practice 3.1 Demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts and principles relevant to physiotherapy practice
   3.2 Apply contemporary forms of information management to relevant areas of practice
   3.3 Apply and evidence-based approach to own learning
   3.4 Acquire and apply new knowledge to continuously improve own practice
4 Assess the client 4.1 Collect client information
   4.2 Form a preliminary hypothesis
   4.3 Design and conduct an assessment
   4.4 Conduct assessment safely
5 Interpret and analyse the assessment findings 5.1 Compare findings with 'normal'
   5.2 Compare findings with what is expected for the condition, and include or exclude alternative diagnoses
   5.3 Prioritise client needs
   5.4 Re-evaluate as required, to develop a justifiable and sustainable hypothesis
   5.5 Identify areas that are outside skills and expertise and refer client appropriately
6 Develop a physiotherapy intervention plan 6.1 Develop a rationale for physiotherapy intervention
   6.2 Set realistic short and long term goals with the client
   6.3 Select appropriate intervention
   6.4 Plan for possible contingencies that may affect intervention plan
   6.5 Prioritise intervention plan in collaboration with the client
   6.6 Determine plan of evaluation that uses valid and reliable outcome measures
7 Implement safe and effective physiotherapy intervention(s) 7.1 Obtain informed consent for the intervention
   7.2 Prepare equipment and treatment area appropriate to the intervention
   7.3 Implement intervention safely and effectively
   7.4 Manage adverse events
   7.5 Provide strategies for client self management
   7.6 Implement health promotion activities
8 Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of physiotherapy intervention(s) 8.1 Monitor the outcomes of the intervention
   8.2 Evaluate the outcomes of the intervention
   8.3 Determine modifications to the intervention
9 Operate effectively across a range of settings 9.1 Use a model of service delivery relevant to the practice setting
   9.2 Work effectively within a team
   9.3. Manage own work schedule to maximise safety, efficiency and effectiveness
   9.4 Operate within own role and according to responsibilities
   9.5 Participate in quality improvement processes