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Table 1 The qestionnaire

From: The objectives and instructional design of undergraduate endodontic program: multicenter cross-sectional study in Saudi Arabia

General Please select your college/university's main sector or alliance (government sector, private sector)
Objective In a few statements. Mention the main aim of undergraduate endodontic education in your school?
Instructional design 1- Please select the credit hoursa for preclinical courses. (4 credit hours or less, 5 or 6 credit hours, 7 or 8 h, more than 8 credit hours)
2- Which of these topics are taught in the didactic teaching of the endodontic program? Check all applicable (root canal anatomy and pulp histology, pulp pathology and endodontic microbiology, endodontic radiology, endodontic materials, vital pulp therapies, root canal treatment on immature teeth with non-vital pulp tissue, root canal treatment, root canal re-treatment, endodontic surgery, endodontic regeneration, restoration of root-filled teeth, bleaching of endodontically treated teeth, dental trauma, endodontic emergency, other (please specify))
3- What are the types of root canals used in the laboratory setting? Check all applicable (canals in natural teeth, canals in plastic teeth available commercially, canals in acrylic blocks with simple curves, canals in acrylic blocks with S-shaped curve, 3D printed teeth with canals)
4- Select the teeth that undergraduate students are allowed to treat in clinics. Check all applicable (incisors and canines, premolars, first molar, second molar)
5- Which type of treatments are allowed to be performed by students during pre-clinical/clinical endodontic training? Choose all applicable (vital pulp therapies including pulp capping and pulpotomy, root canal treatment, root canal re-treatment, endodontic surgery, treatment of teeth with open apices, pulp regeneration.)
6- Is there any definition for a minimum number of teeth clinically required to be completed before graduation? (yes, no)
7- if yes, please indicate the number of teeth or canals in each applicable category: Incisors or single canal system (comment space), premolars or two canals system ( comment space), molars or three to four canals system (comment space), other (comment space)
8- Is there any practical competency exam? Select the applicable. (preclinical: anterior, premolar, molar, none) (clinical: anterior, premolar, molar, none)
9- Are students using a treatment consent that is specific for endodontics? (Yes, a special endodontic consent form is present, the tx consent is embedded in the general dental tx consent, verbal consent, and mutual agreement)
10- Do you follow a difficulty assessment form before assigning clinical cases to students? (yes, the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) difficulty assessment form, yes, there is a difficulty assessment form. (not AAE form), no special difficulty assessment form)
11- Select the level of case complexity that students are trained to do in clinics using the AAE difficulty assessment form (cases of minimal difficulty, cases of moderate difficulty, cases of high difficulty)
  1. a One credit hour is equal to 15 contact hours of lecture or direct instruction time. Also, one credit hour is equal to 30 contact hours of laboratory/preclinical simulation time