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Table 6 Professional skills development topics incorporated

From: Introducing conflict resolution and negotiation training into a biomedical sciences graduate curriculum

Session Topic
Communication Skills
 1 Prof Dev I—Communication—How to give a talk
 2 Prof Dev II—Communication—to non-experts
Personnel Management/Interpersonal Interactions
 3 Prof Dev III—Conflict Resolution—theory
 4 Prof Dev IV—Conflict Resolution—practice
 5 Prof Dev V—Conflict Resolution 3
 6 Prof Dev VI—Crucial Conversations
 7 Prof Dev VII—Negotiations—theory
 8 Prof Dev VIII—Negotiations—practice
 9 Prof Dev IX—Shadow Negotiations
Beneficial Skills
 10 Prof Dev X—Networking
 11 Prof Dev XI—Perseverance/Resilience
Team and Management
 12 Prof Dev XII—Entrepreneurship
 13 Prof Dev XIII—Working in Teams
 14 Prof Dev XIV—Collaboration
 15 Prof Dev XV—Project management