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Table 2 Overview of the points complained about by the students about digital teaching

From: How far has the digitization of medical teaching progressed in times of COVID-19? A multinational survey among medical students and lecturers in German-speaking central Europe

Main topic Problem Details
Digital infrastructure Server capacities  
  Central learning platform  
  Organization Planning reliablility
   Unification of formats
Feedback mechanismen Self-control Sucess checks (MC questions)
   Educational games
  External control Small groups via platforms
   Online consultation with the lecturers
Content Practice Diagnostic algorithm
   Operation technique
   Patient examination
   Plaster course
   Seam course
   Sonographic course
  Linkage with practice Interactive event
   Virtual reality
   Videos at the bedside
Quality of digital teaching Availability on platforms  
  Lecture synchronization  
  Interactive forms of teaching Internships
   Small groups teaching case studies