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Table 1 Module topics and objectives for unconscious bias course

From: Implementation of an unconscious bias course for the National Research Mentoring Network

Module Overview Module Learning Objective
Module 1: Unconscious Bias Foundational concepts on unconscious bias Recognize ways your identity impacts how you see the world.
Assess the relationship between identity and unconscious bias.
Identify ways unconscious bias may be at work in everyday life, relationships, and in the healthcare setting.
Locate and use tools to help you recognize your own unconscious bias.
Reflect on ways you can mitigate your own unconscious bias.
Module 2: Microaggressions Information on the types and effects of microaggressions Recognize micro-messages.
Define and identify micro-inequities and micro-affirmations.
Identify ways micro-inequities may be at work in everyday life, relationships, and in the healthcare setting.
Reflect on ways you can mitigate your use of micro-inequities and expand your use of micro-affirmations.
Module 3: Solutions Tangible tips for how to mitigate personal biases Recognize issues relating to bias in the environment around you.
Define equality and equity.
Define advocacy.
Explain the concept of being an ally
Summarize the ideas of privilege and power.
List methods for Speaking Up against bias.
Module 4: Self-Awareness Consider where unconscious biases originate and how they impact relationships Define self-awareness.
Outline the importance of self-awareness.
List methods for becoming more self-aware.
Test their own self-awareness.
Write about bias in their own lives.
Module 5: Bias in Health Bias and disparities in healthcare, emphasizing the “why” – “Why does it matter that we all have unconscious biases?” Explore historical health disparities among marginalized groups
Read date related to disparities in health care and other elements of daily life
Summarize issues uniquely experienced by women in medical treatment
List reasons to be aware of bias in medical education and treatment