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Table 6 Proposals for the improvement of intensive care training

From: Germany-wide evaluation of residency in neurological intensive care medicine

How can further education at the ICU be promoted? Number n (%)a
More time/personnel/resources for continuing education (both self-study and teaching through continuing education) as well as restructuring of the personnel situation (e.g. "fewer patients for working specialists to ensure better continuing education" or: "no parallel responsibilities") 48 (44.0)
Establishment of internal and external training and further education, support of e.g. congress participation (e.g. "regular internal further education" or: "Resident doctors should design their own further education") 34 (31.2)
Improved/structured/longer familiarization training, creation of written templates/SOPs/logbooks (e.g. "fixed, several months' familiarization training) 33 (30.3)
Rotation to other departments, intubation training in anaesthesia (e.g. "Rotation to the anaesthesiological clinic to learn how to intubate") 26 (23.9)
Fixed contact persons, specialist physician standard (e.g. "fixed specialist physician contact persons (for residents)" or: "…continuous specialist physician presence at the ICU") 21 (19.3)
More interdisciplinarity, cooperation with other departments, common visits (e.g. "regular interdisciplinary visits and case discussions") 16 (14.7)
Regular feedback meetings, structured supervision, debriefing of difficult / stressful situations (e.g. "regular, structured feedback" or: "consultation after stressful situations (preferably moderated)") 14 (1.8)
Regular simulation training, training on equipment (e.g. "regular training of practical skills…" or: "… (simulation) training of critical situations") 13 (11.9)
Structured knowledge check, e.g. before the official capacity (e.g. "obligatory knowledge check after the initial training…") 9 (8.3)
Single entries: Establishment of a purely neurological ITS (3 denominations), connection with German Society for Neurology (DGN), German Society for Neurological Intensive Care Medicine (DGNI), German Medical Association or similar (2 mentions) (< 3)
  1. aIn some cases several mentions within one free text; percentages relate to all responses (n = 109)