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Table 2 Semi-structured interview data after coding and word frequency analysis

From: Blended teaching of medical ethics during COVID-19: practice and reflection

Open Coding (Partial) Axial Coding Selective Coding Material Sources Reference Nodes
“The teacher starts the class by explaining what needs to be mastered and what just needs to be understood.”
“If there is a difficult area, the teacher will talk more during the class, and the key knowledge will be repeatedly emphasized in the later classes.”
Well-organized course content and tasks Students’ devotion and engagement 11 24
“This kind of assessment can enable us to engage in daily purposeful and directional study, instead of reciting and copying materials at the end of the term.”
“Only by listening to the video carefully can we get a better score in the regular quizzes.”
Diversified course assessment methods   
“When discussing the case, you should think about the problem from an ethical perspective. This will deepen the impression of this aspect of knowledge.”
“There were some cases in it, and after the knowledge was explained, I would repeat that case study.”
Case resources to guide memorization and reflection Students’ in-class initiative 13 35
“Let’s say a case study, the teacher will guide us to think about it first, and then he will explain it.”
“We have some case study classes, students are to make presentations, and then the rest asks questions, the teacher may help to answer from time to time. “
Student-centered approach to encourage reflection and interaction   
“It will be more helpful in the humanities piece. It embodies a kind of critical thinking.”
“In the future, my approach to patients may be more comprehensive, and I will also consider the psychological and spiritual aspects of patients.”
Humanistic values in doctor-patient relationship Students’ clinical decision-making capability 15 34
“After the class, I will be more integrated considering ethical and legal issues, while the way of thinking about the problem before was more flat.”
“After finished studying, I would at least apply some principles to practice and would analyze what exactly should be done most appropriately from all aspects. “
Practical application-oriented teaching purpose