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Table 2 Verbatim examples of qualitative feedback received from the participants in a massive open online course on biomedical research in India, 2019-2020

From: “Design and implementation challenges of massive open online course on research methods for Indian medical postgraduates and teachers –descriptive analysis of inaugural cycle”

What did you like about the lecture?
“Topic is clearly understandable”
“Explanation was apt”
“Very much informative session”
“Concise and relevant”
“Presentation was simple and precise”
“Good diagrams”
What could be improved?
“More explanation is required for Relative risk and Odds ratio”
“Data management software, Illustrate data entry in excel”
Working out an example for calculating risk and ratio” “more explanation for formulas”
“Including image/picture of normal distribution curve for explaining hands on exercise confidence interval”
What could be added to the lecture?
“Graphics more visuals and pictures”
“Screenshots of good protocols”
“Give a screenshot of a well prepared concept paper”
More clinical examples”
“More illustrative examples” “graphics”