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Table 3 Suggestions and comments for NTU-WAA from experienced anatomy teachers and nursing students

From: Benefits of a bilingual web-based anatomy atlas for nursing students in learning anatomy

Experienced anatomy teachers 1. Could increase the interactive mode.
2. Could add more descriptions and annotations to assist students in reviewing key points.
3. Could add schematic photos of whole body with supine or prone position and label the relative position of the identified structure in the photos.
4. Could appropriately integrate photos of plastic models into NTU-WAA as supplements.
5. Could appropriately add cross sections in the NTU-WAA.
Nursing students Accessibility
1. This platform is very good and helpful. Thanks for establishing it. I usually used it during my commuting time.
2. This platform is helpful not only before laboratory class, but also after laboratory class. Thanks for designing it with heart. I really appreciate it.
3. It is helpful for self-learning after class.
4. This platform provides great help for me to understand anatomical laboratory knowledge. It is a wonderful learning platform.
5. It is great to be able to use it to review at home.
6. I could see structures that I did not identify during the laboratory class (even clearer).
Suggestions for contents
1. Some photos could be enlarged.
2. Photos of some structures were shown too close to be identified.
3. NTU-WAA is good for use. Could make some labels clearer.
4. Could show structures with more details.
5. Could add more photos of one organ or one region from different views to enhance identification. Overall, NTU-WAA is a great learning platform.
Future perspectives
1. Hoping the NTU-WAA could be continuously opened for us.
2. Hoping to be able to use the NTU-WAA after the end of the class.
3. Could incorporate a self-assessment question database into the NTU-WAA for students to practice.