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Table 1 Entrustment and confidence ratings

From: Pre-clerkship EPA assessments: a thematic analysis of rater cognition

Assessors’ previous familiarity with student Initial Assessment Final Assessment
Entrustment Mode (range) Confidence Mode (range) Entrustment Mode (range) Confidence Mode (range)
Familiar 2b (2b - 5) 3 (2–4) 2b (2b - 3b) 4 (2–4)
Unfamiliar 3a (2a - 5) 3 (2–4) 3a (2a - 5) 4 (3–4)
  1. Key: Entrustment - 2a: As coactivity with supervisor, 2b: With supervisor in room ready to step in as needed, 3a: With supervisor immediately available, ALL findings double checked, 3b: With supervisor immediately available, KEY findings checked, 5. Allowed to supervise others in practice of EPA. Confidence – 2: Low, 3: Intermediate, 4: High