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Table 3 Contents of 15 CPX modules educated during the Simulated Clinical Experience program

From: Developing a best practice framework for clinical competency education in the traditional East-Asian medicine curriculum

Department (modules) Title of scenarios
Internal Medicine (3) 1. I feel dizzy, 2. I have a cough, 3. I have constipation
Otolaryngology (1) 1. I have a runny nose
Sasang Medicine (2) 1. My heart is pounding, 2. Something stuck in my throat
Neuropsychiatry (3) 1. I have insomnia, 2. I am nervous, 3. I cannot remember
Musculoskeletal (2) 1. I have back pain, 2. I have swollen and painful joints
Gynecology (2) 1. I have increased vaginal discharge, 2. Absence of menstrual bleeding
Pediatrics (2) 1. Bed-wetting in kids, 2. My child seems to be developing late